Maxin India is dedicated in providing reliable solutions in waste management through new technology and innovation. We are one of the leading manufactures of shredder machines. Our company is located at Coimbatore (India) with more than 20 years experience in designing and development of machineries. Our manufacturing process has been graded the best with highly skilled and qualified workforce. Our shredding machine is user friendly to process many type of materials. We manually design and offer our machines to clients as per their customised demands. Our services includes timely delivery, quick installation and commencement of the machine with training to operate the machine effectively.


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Machinery Overview

Maxin India shredding technology is used to transform the waste material into biowaste, recycle plastic waste, minimise e-waste transit and are reused in plastic industries. Here the size reduction technology has been utilized to process large objects into a small consistent size for more efficiency. This technological solution deals with the plastics, wood, paper and cardboard, aluminium can, biomass waste or data storage media.

Maxin India Shredder components are engineered and handled for rugged application for long-Iasting reliability. Machine working with high torque, low noise without dust. Maxin India cutters are manufactured from high alloy steel, heat treated and grinded for long life.

This machine is user friendly and can be easily handled with a single individual, the fine features of the machine are over loading protection, auto reverse operation and bottom auto delivery option.